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eTravel Stage Day 1

eTravel World

March 6, 2019

10:30 - 18:00

Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage

The first day provides an overview of trends in digital mobility, presented by Lufthansa Innovation Hub and other authorities. The geographical journey starts in Germany and leads all the way to China. New products are shared by Sojern, Mapify, Limendo, Guuru, V-Office, Climber, and more.


As the world explodes in data, humans and current systems alone can’t handle the complexity of big-data analytics.

Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist, IDeaS

Digital voice assistants, self-driving cars and smart homes are taking over the holiday world. Five trends in tourism, how speech is becoming the new search function and hearing is the new feeling.

Julia Jung, Agency Management, neusta etourism
Stefan Niemeyer, Agency Management, neusta etourism

Tourism is fragmented and small-scale. Innovative ideas are therefore harder to implement. However, there are exciting ideas that are relevant to tourism. This requires an interface between innovation and industry. The Salzburg Accelerators for Tourism is an example of this.

Thomas Bodmer, Founder, Next Floor GmbH, TACC
Marcus Salzmann, Founder, Next Floor GmbH, TACC

Business models are fundamentally changing based on the experiences consumers are having with brands. And this disruption is driven by data. Understand the power in data to guide an experience and understand what consumers need!

Martin McDonald, VP EMEA, Tealium

What characterizes advertising expenditures, and which distribution channels make the most sense? These and many other related questions were answered by hundreds of marketing experts around the world for the State of the Travel Industry Report.

Matthieu Betton, General Manager Europe, Sojern

Spain is one of the top 3 touristic destinations in the world, with an extremely competitive business environment. The Spanish travel-tech firms in this panel combine experience, technical expertise and demand-driven solutions.

Moderated by:
Lucinio Muñoz, Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Spanish Embassy Berlin

Panel guests:
Eduardo Baró, Commercial Technology, Busso (Viajes Urbis)
Sebastián Briones Moyano, CEO, Pipeline Software 2000, S.L.
Isabel Carranza, Travel Compositor
Patricia Czajkowski, Head of Business Development DACH, Avantio
Pau Ferret, Sales Managing Partner, 123compareme
Juan Ramón García Vila, Sales Manager, Roommatik (Ictel Ingenieros, S.L.)
Jorge Mira Uclés, CCO, Doblemente, S.L.

Mapify is establishing a completely new business model in the travel industry by building a global travel community and using Instagram photos as a source of inspiration.

Patrick Haede, Co-Founder & CEO, Mapify
Fabian Plato, Head of Operations, Mapify

Today, faster and better decisions make the difference between business success and failure. The right data strategy and business intelligence solution is thereby an important pillar.

Hannes Lösch, Managing Director, Limendo

Would you like to offer 24/7 live chat, minimize the shopping cart jump rate or pass on product recommendations from loyal customers? How to mobilize customers to share their knowledge and experience.

Christoph Häusler, Sales Director DACH, guuru

Content marketing in tourism especially thrives on the emotionality that fascinates guests and holidaymakers both before and during their stay. But how does this really work?

Christian Halbig, Managing Director, Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH
Joachim Schmidt, Founder & Owner, Intensive Senses | Manufaktur für digitales Marketing

The tourism industry still hasn’t discovered that Spotify, TuneIn, Blubrry and Castrex can communicate content. But which content is suitable for audio influencing, and who can produce it?

Antonia Alberti, Project Manager, Domestic Marketing, Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH
Henry Barchet, Audio Journalist and Producer, Audiotravels

The management and presentation of holiday apartments and homes is a challenge for any rental agency. How can you better manage your offers, channel management and billing?

Jochen Weishaar, Sales- and Marketing Manager, vOffice GmbH

No doubt, the hospitality industry is a notoriously difficult industry to survive in as it is continuously judged by people who actually use their facilities, disposable income and services while indulging in pleasurable experiences, making them less tolerable and considerate. Indeed, the hospitality industry is a million dollar industry comprising everything from hotels, restaurants, bars to amusements parks, movie theatres and transportation. There exists no "one size fits all" strategy leading to success, henceforth, the questions still remain, what makes the hospitality industry beats the odd in achieving hotel revenue optimization.

Mário Mouraz, CEO & Co-Founder, Climber

We live in a world of service automation. The expectations of guests and staff are changing. Who will survive the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence in the travel & hotel industry?

Johannes Fuchs, Head of Business Development & Co-Founder, Robotise GmbH

The travel insurance market has changed little over the years. Some of the major keys to improve sales are upgrading the shopping experience, delivering dedicated service, differentiating sales channels and forging strategic business alliances.

Joaquin Elizondo, CSO, Aseguro Mi Viaje
Frederico Kramer, Owner, Aseguro Mi Viaje
Juan Pedro Narancio, Director, Aseguro Mi Viaje