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ITB International MICE Forum


March 6, 2020

10:45 - 14:45

Convention Hall 7.1a, Auditorium New York 1

Hosted by:

Caleb Parker, Founder & Director, Bold


10:45 - 11:00

Caleb Parker, Founder & Director, Bold

  • How the trend of "new work" is impacting the event industry 
  • What online collaborative tools are available to support event planners and their stakeholders to coordinate their events remotely?
  • How can event planners and their stakeholders build trust online with their suppliers when coordinating events remotely?
  • How secure is the data shared on online collaborative tools?
  • How important is a familiarization trip pre-event for seamless event planning, and whether familiarization trips can be replaced with accessing information online?
  • How can event planners retain and share their knowledge from a familiarization trip or a past event with their team members, is there a way of storing such valuable knowledge?
  • How can suppliers support event planners with remote event planning (e.g. - website, blog articles, case studies, video testimonials etc.)?

  • What  is the difference between press vs influencer trip or event?
  • What are the objectives of an influencer event?
  • How can brands capture the attention of the busy, in demand influencers, is this possible only with monetary rewards?
  • How can brands measure the ROI of an influencer event?
  • How can brands create instagrammable moments at an event or trip for the influencers to share on social media?
  • How necessary is briefing pre event or trip and what such briefing will include?
  • Speakers will share tips for a successful influencer collaboration

Moderated by:
Caleb Parker, Founder & Director, Bold

Panel guests:
Lisa Reinshagen, MICE PR Director, Lieb Management

  • What are the key reasons for extending event life cycle of an event?
  • What is an event lifecycle and how to create content for each stage of the customer journey?
  • How to find the right balance between sharing educational content and doing event promotion?
  • Who within the organization can coordinate the extension of event line cycle: Event manager, marketing teams, community manager?
  • How to analyze and apply the data collected pre and post event into the physical event and use it as feedback?
  • What is online community management and how it applies to extending event life cycle?
  • What are the best practices and possible strategies for extending an event life cycle?

  • Micro is defined as ‘extremely small’. How can event planners relate this growing trend to the events industry? 
  • What ‘micro’ has to do with changing attendee needs and expectations from an event?
  • At what stages of the event can micro moments boost attendee engagement, are these pre, during or after the event, and how?
  • Can organizers integrate micro moments throughout the entire customer journey or only at the physical event to boost attendee engagement?
  • How can event professionals create a series of micro-experiences at their events to maintain high attendee engagement at all times?
  • Examples of micro moments will be shared

Kevin Jackson, Director of Ideas and Innovation, The Experience is the Marketing