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eTravel Stage Day 3

eTravel World

March 6, 2020

10:30 - 17:00

Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage

Product news on route planning and cloud-based geolocalisation. In addition, podcasts b2b and b2c. Detailed descriptions of all individual events will soon be available here.

Product news on route planning and cloud-based geolocalisation. In addition, podcasts b2b and b2c


  • The Check-in process. Past, present and future.
  • The Guest experience. How a good first impression really counts.
  • The Mobile Check-in. How to meet the most different needs, everywhere, following a smooth and compliant practice. 

David Senar Julia, Passportscan

  • Manage trip details / routes in the cloud
  • Have your own navigation app to protect your precious data
  • Provide your customers with customised trip information on their smartphones
  • Decrease your costs to prepare and manage trip guidebooks
  • Why protecing your data will protect your business

Jochen Schneider, CEO, Schneider Geo GmbH

11:30 - 12:00

  • Lecture sponsored by Lokimo (more details coming soon)

12:00 - 12:30

  • Lecture sponsored by GoQuo (more details coming soon)

  • Increase of incentives for visitor´s tax honesty (Convenient payment via app, linking with benefits, consideration of discounts, annual spa tickets, groups)
  • Simplified processing for landlords (simple processing of the registration form - directly by the guest)
  • Local tax management for the municipality (Daily guest recording, automatic provision of visitor´s tax data, simplified controls)
  • Additional low-cost, low-scatter loss sales channel for the regional economy

Björn Leif Faltis, Projectmanagement, Guide 2 GmbH
Dr. G. Michael Faltis, Managing Director, Guide 2 GmbH

13:00 - 14:00

  • Every day 3 start-ups tell about themselves
  • It is about their strengths, weaknesses and challenges
  • They pass on their personal learning
  • On Stage: Mamis Travel Guide, Tatuka and N.N.

Moderated by:
Michael Buller, Board of Directors, Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V.

Franziska Altenrath, Co-founder, TUTAKA
Laetitia Hörnler, CEO, mamis travelguide



14:00 - 15:00

more details coming soon

  • What is a brand SERP? (Hint: it is what appears when someone Googles your brand name?)
  • Why your brand SERP is essential to your bottom line
  • What is your Digital Ecosystem? (Hint: it is vast .... and vital)
  • How your digital ecosystem affects your core business
  • How to use Brand SERPs to optimise your Digital Ecosystem
  • How this will boost your digital strategy and improve your bottom line

Jason Barnard, Kalicube

  • more information comming soon

Ivan Kusalic, Chief Technology Officer, travel audience, an Amadeus Company