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ITB Berlin Convention 2020 is cancelled.

Detailed information can be found here.

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March 06, 2020

Deep Dive Sessions

Keynote: Thumbstopping: The Case To Make More Content That Moves, Sings, And Smiles

March 06, 2020
11:00 - 11:45 h

CityCube Berlin, Cube Club

Key Insights:

  • Unpack the Four C’s of Communication and how they manifest into three desirable results that benefits brands and audiences together.
  • Create content that adds value to your audiences – rather than adding to the noise of social media feeds.
  • Video and voice are today’s dominate mediums for messaging, yet they are underutilized by most brands and agencies.  


  • How to use different types of content to capture attention and drive engagement with your audience.
  • Understand the differences between social media posts and stories, or snaps and TikToks, and when to use them.
  • Know which mobile apps and tools you can start using immediately to create videos, voice, and personalized content. 


Influencer Events: From Creating Instagrammable Moments To Delivering ROI

March 06, 2020
12:00 - 12:45 h

Convention Hall 7.1a, Auditorium New York 1

  • What  is the difference between press vs influencer trip or event?
  • What are the objectives of an influencer event?
  • How can brands capture the attention of the busy, in demand influencers, is this possible only with monetary rewards?
  • How can brands measure the ROI of an influencer event?
  • How can brands create instagrammable moments at an event or trip for the influencers to share on social media?
  • How necessary is briefing pre event or trip and what such briefing will include?
  • Speakers will share tips for a successful influencer collaboration


Instagram, Influencers & Co: The Underestimated Challenge For Destinations

March 06, 2020
16:00 - 16:45 h

CityCube Berlin, Hall A4/A5

  • Through Instagram and Facebook dynamic experiences that engage with travelers can be created.
  • Photos and videos are used to tell the visual story of a destination. 
  • Social advertising platforms add context to images through Instagram Stories, video, or geo-tagging locations.
  • Travelers are provided with a more unique, inspirational experience as they dream. 
  • Learn how to drive engagement and how to turn this inspiration into bookings.
  • What role do Influencers play?

March 07, 2020

eTravel World

Social Media Marketing

March 07, 2020
13:00 - 14:00 h

Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage

  • Which social media channels are useful in the tourism sector to gain more awareness and homepage?
  • The channels Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Blog are specifically addressed.
  • What are the optimal social media contents?
  • Which social media channels make individual sense for my offer?