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Navchaa Myagmarjav

Mrs. Myagmarjav is the director of Tsolmon Travel LLC, a leading sustainable, tourism company in Mongolia, which has been operating for 25 years. Tsolmon Travel`s slogan “Let´s protect our native nature and nomadic culture” underpins the tour operator’s sustainable approach.

Having over 36 years of work experience in the tourism industry, Mrs. Myagmarjav has played a key role in the tourism development of Mongolia in terms of sustainable product development with a focus on conservation and green businesses as well as promotion and awareness raising, especially in the European market. Mrs. Myagmarjav has been honoured as the“ best entrepreneur” by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry for several years.

Convinced about the importance of skillful and knowledgeable staff in the tourism sector, Mrs. Myagmarjav fosters social welfare, trainings and workshops for her employees. Mrs. Myagmarjav is board member of the Mongolian Tourism Association and her company is one of its founding tour operators.

Tsolmom Travel LLC has been contributing greatly to the promotion of Mongolia worldwide. The company’s effort towards a sustainable development was awarded by the Mongolian Tourism Association as “Best Tour Operator” and “Best Socially Responsible Company”. Tsolmon Travel LLC holds contracts with with 40 international companies and provides tourism services for 4.000 to 5.000 tourists per year in Mongolia.

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Navchaa Myagmarjav
Tsolmon Travel LLC, Mongolia

Myagmarjav, Navchaa