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World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) is a non-government, non- profit international tourism organization voluntarily formed by well- known tourism cities and tourism- related institutions around the world under the initiative of Beijing. Established on 15 September 2012 in Beijing, WTCF has its headquarters and secretariat based in Beijing, and takes Chinese and English as its official languages.

WTCF is the first city- based international tourism organization in the world. Guided by the vision of Better City Life through Tourism, it is committed to facilitating exchanges and cooperations between members and promoting sustainable growth in the tourism sector. WTCF aims to increase the appeal of tourism cities as international destinations, enhance the quality and efficiency of their services, boost the brand images of tourism cities and promote balanced economic and social progress in tourism cities and regions.

WTCF currently has 211 members, including 140 city members coming from 69 countries and 71 institutional members. The institutional members of WTCF consist of world- renowned travel agencies, media organizations, airports, airlines, hotel groups, financial firms and other tourism- related institutions. WTCF provides a service package covering the entire industrial chain for its members, organizes project cooperation in product development, tourism investment and marketing, and promotes cooperation among and between tourism cities and institutions. Having included all the leading Chinese tourism cities, travel agencies and airlines in its membership, WTCF provides an open avenue for cooperation for its international members.

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