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ITB Medical Conference Day 3


March 6, 2020

11:00 - 15:00

Hall 21b

Today, we will take a deeper look into the development of Medical Spas and Medical Wellness as a booming market. What is the additional value of these products and services in comparison to traditional wellness offers? How does health insurances, spa resorts & hotels cooperate in these lucrative niche market? Join travel industry and medical tourism professionals who share their experiences, discuss the problems they’ve encountered and mistakes they’ve made, and listen to their marketing and consumer-focused strategies and recommendations.

The growing Medical Wellness market will be focussed on Friday. Our experts will analyse the differences between the traditional health wellness offers and special Medical Wellness treatments, today. What are the key points for tourism suppliers and the hospitality industry, if they want to join this trend? How does they have to adjust their products and services to serve the demand of this lucrative niche market? Best practices and concrete recommendations for establishing and marketing those Medical Wellness offers will give a first hand overview.


  • Current situation in Turkey about Medical Tourism.
  • Why Turkey is the rising star of the Global Medical Tourism?
  • What’s the role of the digitalisation in healthcare and in medical tourism.
    As an example: Doctors365 Telemedicine, global project
  • What is the importance of the high communication level between doctors around the world?
  • What to expect from International events and fairs?

Emre Ali Kodan, Owner, Baki International Health & Travel Solutions

Siyka Katsarova, Founder, Managing Partner, MEDSPA BG

  • Overweight and obesity issues have become one of the EU Healthcare policy priorities to solve future problems
  • In addition to traditional medical spa programs focused on management of chronic diseases and early spa rehabilitation, the Slovak Medical Spa Association started a stationary health prevention program with financial support of General Health Insurance company

Janka Zalesakova, Vice President, President, European Spas Association, Slovak Spas Association

  • Staatsbad Pyrmont: workplace health management is effective and sustainable way, both for its own employees as well as a service provider to businesses, companies and tourism
  • Health also plays an important role on the path of becoming an integrated wellness and health resort. The focus lies above all on innovation-change-digitalisation.

Maria Bialas, Head of Department for Health, Innovation and Product Management, Health Resort Bad Pyrmont

  • The health resorts Bad Pyrmont and Bad Zwischenahn in cooperation with the health insurance IKK classic, the regional Chambers of Craftsmen of Lower Saxony, Germany, started a new prevention program "Stay fit in the craftmenbusiness" for employees in the craft businesses
  • How employees will stay healthy and fit for a long term with this specialized health program.
  • The IKK Classic and most health insurance companies pay EUR 180 for participation in this prevention course

Christian Meijerink, customer care and service quality, Health Resort Bad Pyrmont

  • The Bulgarian resort Albena (owner and operator of 43 hotels) is fully committed to environmental protection and is characterized by his "green mission"
  • You will hear the latest sustainable innovations and the combination with Health tourism offers

Dimitar Stanev, Deputy Director Business Development, Pilot leader, INVADE Horizon 2020 Project

  • Established in 2004 in Istanbul, Maya Group has four companies in medical aesthetics field.
  • Maya Estetik has become one of the leading and most respected health services providers in Medical Aesthetic and hair transplantation field
  • Medical and aesthetic treatments at the highest standards to our patients from all over the world
  • Maya Estetik as the main pioneer of health tourism and International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate holder in Turkey

Dr. Abdullah Hasiripi, Clinic Director, Maya Estetik Hospital

  • Discussion on practical solutions to add Medical Tourism to your business
  • Listen to real-life experiences and get concrete takeaways Panelists

Moderated by:
Julie Munro, President of Medical Travel Quality Alliance MTQUA, Author of the IATA course on Medical Travel Assistance

Panel guests:
Caroline Bodanis, Medical Travel Quality Alliance
Gero Graf, Chief Commercial Officer, Co-Founder, Qunomedical
Ernest Svažić, Mayor, Krapinske Toplice Municipality
Benny Thomas, Editor & Publisher, Medical Tourism Magazine

  • Executive health checkup packages are popular and can be profitable opportunity for agencies
  • Find health checkup packages for customers from €500 to €15,000
  • Choose the packages that best fit customers of all ages, from quick and simple clinic packages to complex and thorough hospital packages
  • Case studies of business travelers and tourists who got different kinds of
    health checkups during their trips abroad

Julie Munro, President of Medical Travel Quality Alliance MTQUA, Author of the IATA course on Medical Travel Assistance

Sherene Azli, chief executive officer, Malaysia healthcare travel council (MHTC)

  • Medical tourism has become a strong and successful industry worldwide over the past 20 years, with both: losers and winners in the future.
  • It’s important not only to use the term as a marketing tool, you need a very high quality standard. The guest /health tourist always has the opportunity to choose a different destination, so he should be considered as a regular guest.
  • To share the stay in a clinic can be compared with a hotel stay, or the clinic should, in order to survive internationally, can also be run and equipped as a hotel.
  • It’s important to have a close cooperation between the clinics, the service facilities and the facilitators, as well as the USP (unique selling point) of the facility.
  • The business model for international patient tourism is very important in advance, not every country pays a referral fee.

Lutz Lungwitz, President, German Medical Wellness Association